Nourish Your Hair This Summer

Summer is here. The start of fun in the sun. We all look forward to the fun, warm days of summer. Long, hot days by the pool or ocean are a part of a great summer. So, what do we do to keep our hair looking great? A big part would be to condition, condition, condition. Try to keep a spray bottle of water with conditioner dissolved in it in your beach bag. Spray that on periodically through the day to keep your hair hydrated and protected from the suns rays. A good thing to do, also, is to come in for a clear or tonal gloss to keep your hair shiny and healthy. The light coating on the hair will also protect it from heat and humidity. Clear will just add great shine, while a tonal gloss can tone down any brassiness that may come up with so much sun exposure. So don’t ignore your hair all summer because “I’m just going to throw it up in a ponytail”. Doing that will only make it harder to get your hair looking great again in the fall. And don’t you want to have awesome, shiny hair to go with that hot summer tan? You know you do. Because when someone says, “Come on, let’s take a selfie!” you need to be 100 percent ready..