Keeping Your Style Current

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Europe this summer. Both of my parents were born in Croatia so they’ve built a beautiful summer home on the Adriatic Sea. I’ve been fortunate to spend many summers there. I’m exposed to many people from a lot of European countries that spend their vacation in Croatia. Italians, Germans, Czech, Slovak, English and Irish to name a few. This year, something really jumped out at me. The women are all very current and hip with their hair! Their clothes too, but that’s a subject for another blog. Any women I saw over the age of 30 all had real “hairstyles”. Not just hair. Real Style. From gorgeous brunettes, red heads, blondes and everything in between. What was blatantly obvious was these women spent some time in a salon on a regular basis. Something we have in common with our European counterparts. What we don’t have in common with them is our willingness to embrace change. How many of us have the same hairstyle we have been wearing for the last 10 years? A lot. I’m a victim of this too. We find something we like, that we think makes us look good, and we keep it that way. Stuck in a rut is what we are. On most people, what looked good on them then, doesn’t necessarily look good on them now. Let’s face it, our faces aren’t the same, so the same hair wouldn’t complement it. After a certain age, different ages for different people, long hair just doesn’t work. I’m not saying it’s time to cut your hair like Grandma’s. There are many, many options. I find as long as the hair is collar bone length or shorter, it’s much more flattering. As for color, usually, lighter is better as we age. I’m not sure why, but really dark hair does seem to age most people. So, let’s take a lesson from these brave, gorgeous women. Take a chance. Change your look. Don’t be a slave to your ponytail. Don’t be slave to how other people think you should wear your hair. Like your husband, or your best friend. Or your mother. Put yourself in the very competent hands of our staff and get yourself a new look. Be brave. Be daring. Be HOT!!