End of Summer Hair Recovery

Labor Day Weekend. The unofficial end of Summer. I really hate the end of summer. I love everything about summer. The heat, no school, extra days off and vacations. What’s not to like? Well, I don’t like what summer does to my hair. Sun, chlorine and salt water really do a number on my hair. On everyone’s hair really. So September is the perfect time to try one of our conditioning treatments. We have something for everyone. Matrix Total Results line of Miracle Morphers has three options. Correct It is for dry hair. It will replenish the moisture the summer elements have stripped. Makes your hair feel like it was on vacation! Slim Down is like a diet for your hair. If your hair is big and unruly, this is the treatment for you. It will take away frizz and unneccesary bulk. Kick Up is their volumizing treatment. Sometimes hair just needs a little lift, doesn’t it? Morrocan Oil has a few options too. From excess oil on the scalp to excess dryness on the scalp, or restructuring treatments, Morrocan Oil has it. Ask one of our Stylists or assistants and we’ll help you pick the one that’s right for you. Get a great start on Fall with great hair! Oh and did I mention that during the month of September our treatments are only !?! Yup, that’s off our regular price. See you in September!