The Miracle of L’Oreal Professionnell Pro Fiber

For about 6 weeks now, we have been using a fantastic new product from L’Oreal Professionnel, and now it’s time to share what we’ve learned with you. Pro Fiber is revolutionary hair reconstruction system. It is the first system to offer unbelievable, long lasting results. We analyze your hair to determine the level of damage. From there, we have three options to choose from. REVIVE is level one repair for resurfacing hair with a damaged cuticle. RESTORE is level 2 repair for damaged cuticle and cortex. RECOVER is repair for a very damaged cortex. The results from this treatment are nothing short of miraculous. Pro Fiber will leave your hair looking and feeling completely renewed. While a lot of deep conditioners leave your hair feeling heavy, Pro Fiber will surprise you with it’s light feeling. If anything, I felt my hair was lighter after the treatment. The shine is amazing. The smoothness is also fantastic. This system is designed to leave your hair feeling this great for up to 6 weeks. If you follow the proper at home protocol with Pro Fiber shampoo and conditioner for every day and RENEW and RECHARGE for at home treatment, this 6 week claim is no lie. I consider myself a skeptic when it comes to most claims of hair products, but this one has made me a real believer. Not since OLAPLEX have I been this impressed. This product has changed the way many of our clients feel about their hair. You know those long haired high lift blondes that don’t like to cut their hair? Pro Fiber has completely changed their hair. It is one of the few products that can and will repair your hair from the inside out! Pro Fiber is the perfect choice for everyone from light damage from styling products, to over-processed high lift blondes. Give Pro Fiber a try and you won’t regret it!!