Summer Make Over Time

Summer is here again! Yay! My favorite time of year. School is out, stress is lower and it’s vacation time! Now is the time to do a summer make over. We recently attended a hair show, so we are hyped up and re energized. Learning about all the new techniques and products always makes me excited to introduce my clients to new trends and styles. Balayage is the big thing in hair right now. Although similar to ombre, Balayage is softer. It also works with any hairstyle or color. It allows for a much more natural grow out process, as there is no real “regrowth” line like traditional highlights. We were fortunate enough to take a Balayage class with one of the masters, Guy Tang, of Pravana. He taught us his signature techniques and introduced us to Pravana’s color line made specifically for Balayage style highlighting. So now is the time to come in for a new look! Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your new Summer Look! You won’t be disappointed!