The Right Color and Style for Winter 2016

Are you itching for a change for your hair? Lots of people like to change for the Fall/Winter months. Plus, who doesn’t want to look great for the holidays? To keep up with the trends, look for texture in the style. Smooth and sleek is no where to be seen in Hollywood, or anywhere else for that matter. Let your natural texture show. If you don’t have texture in your natural locks, curl, wave, crimp to your hearts content. Moroccan Oil has Beach Wave Mousse and Dry Texture spray for those of us who need just a little help with texture. They also have Texture Clay for a more substantial hold and texture. As far as color goes, it seems that almost anything goes. From warm reds, to cool blondes, to neutral brunettes. It’s all out there, even combinations of the three with ombre or Balayage. The real trend setters are doing fun, fashion colors like Rose Gold, Smoky Blue or Smoky Violet. And that gorgeous silver/grey trend is sticking around too. So try something new. Spread your wings and you might find a new you buried somewhere under the same old, same old.