Teresa Roman

Teresa Roman
House of Excellence
6 Queen Anne Rd
Bogota, NJ, 07603

Teresa is a Stylist at House of Excellence. She’s been in the beauty industry for over 19 years, starting her training at Teterboro Technical High School.

Whether she was cutting her Barbie’s or her friends’ hair, Teresa knew at a young age she wanted to be a stylist. She’s passionate about all things art. Whether it’s painting, music, drawing, or writing, she is completely drawn towards creativity, which has helped her to be an exceptional hair artist herself.

Her favorite moment is when her clients get to see their new transformed style, and the smile on their face. She enjoys making a bad day into a good day!

Teresa’s clients know that she’s fun and energetic, and always make them laugh. She loves her career and hopes to expand in all areas. She strives for excellence and devotes undivided attention to the clients in her chair.